The Drug Education Council offers intensive prevention and educational services:

Individualized or Family Counseling
These are provided upon request to anyone dealing with the trauma of addiction. The DEC staff informally assesses a client’ condition and assists in interventions as needed. Referrals for long-term therapy and more extensive treatment are also provided.

Small-Group Counseling Services
Frequently provided at the request of school counselors and administrators or in response to developments within the juvenile justice system. This kind of specialized service delivery has evolved out of the Drug Education Council’s commitment to respond to the unique needs of the many populations we serve.

Drug Education Presentations
The Drug Education Council Staff conducts presentations for educations, businesses and civic organizations. These programs are tailored to meet the specific needs and interest of each host group.

Community of Concern  

 A parent-driven program that educates families and builds relationships to keep our community aware of the dangerous consequences of underage drinking and drug abuse.  This program encourages parents to have effective conversations about facts and situations that will empower our youth to make smart choices in a challenging world.  The Drug Education Council provides support and identifies resources for programs requested.

Voluntary Anonymous Juvenile Drug Testing
The Drug Education Council offers free drug testing for Juveniles in an effort to help parents to encourage their children to stay drug free.

Resource Library
We have an extensive resource and reference library available to the public at our office.   You may stop by our office and check out resources (print and audio/visual)  and receive information.


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